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PulyCaff Calcinet Boiler Descale Powder 1kg

PulyCaff Calcinet powder is a heavy duty descaler which helps keep your espresso machine in its best state.  It removes limescale deposits which can build up over time.  We suggest Calcinet be used as a soaking agent for parts removed from the machine when reconditioning, rather than running it through the machine.  For daily back flushing we recommend PulyCaff Descale Powder.

Key features:

Economical – Calcinet descaler is an affordable way to maintain the high performance of your coffee machine

Easy to use – Simply dissolve the crystals at 1/10 powder-water ratio

Doesn’t damage rubber seals – Acidic descalers can damage rubber seals but not the Calcinet — it’s effective but gentle on rubber.


Technical Specifications

Product Code10734A

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