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PulyCaff Descale Powder 900g

Economical and efficient, this powder detergent is specially formulated for regular use to rid your coffee machine of stains and reduce limescale build up in the group head, filters and portfilter handle baskets.

The Puly Caff Group Head Cleaner is suitable for both professional and semi-pro coffee machines that need to be backflushed.  This powder can also be used to clean the portafilter and other parts of the machine.

Key features:

Removes coffee stains – Removes the day’s coffee sediments and stains.

Reduces limescale – Effectively reduces the limescale buildup on the group head.

Economical – All you need is 3-5 grams of the powder to clean one group head.

Versatile – This detergent can also be used to soak the portafilter and clean other parts of the machine.

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