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Installation Requirements for Disavè Espresso Machines

Installation Requirements for Disavè Espresso Machines

Machine Location:

A solid bench top, large enough to fit and support your chosen machine and grinder.

A 65mm hole will need to be cut into the bench, before the machine is installed.  This hole needs to be cut directly under the machine to allow for water waste, inlet water and the power lead (when power point is located under the bench) to pass through.

Electrical power point:

Needs to be located within 1 meter of the machine.  The machine power lead may not reach if the location is greater than 1 meter.

Water supply:

1/2-inch Male inline stop tap, or duo tap to be located within 1 meter of the machine.  Please ensure the tap is easy to locate as the machine MUST be turned off every night.

1/2-inch 350kpa pressure limiting valve to be fitted to water supply with a 3/8 Male fitting on the machine side.  This will reduce the water pressure supplied to the coffee machine and give a constant pressure.

A water filter MUST be fitted to the water supply after the PLV to protect the machine.  The cabinetry under the machine will need to have enough room to install the filter.

These filters are supplied with the machine and are to be fitted by the technician installing your machine.  The water filter also needs to be flushed before connecting the water supply to the coffee machine.

Water Waste:

A drain (or bucket) is required under the bench in a location that will allow a steep descending slope, for the drain hose to be installed to.  This will allow for easy drainage of water waste and coffee grinds and reduce blockages over time.

Espresso machines are made in various dimensions and the correct machine model spec sheet should be referred to for its actual dimensions.  As a rule of thumb, the 65mm bench hole should be cut central to the espresso machine.