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Author: Disave Espresso Equipment Suppliers

We understand that the economy and rising expenses in our current times are causing the purse strings to be tighter than usual, but trying to repair your espresso machine at home without the technical knowledge and expertise is very dangerous. We recommend to always have a qualified technician repair your espresso machine or grinder.  Don’t be tempted to unscrew the outer panels covering the electronics and boilers, for a sticky beak.  Doing so

We all would love to have the latest greatest biggest flashiest of the things we think we need, that's human nature.  If you can afford it and don't mind taking the leap, then go for it. With espresso machines, choosing the right machine for your environment can often be based on a few simple factors.  The bench space you have, the power you have and most importantly the amount of coffee being produced

Machine Location: A solid bench top, large enough to fit and support your chosen machine and grinder. A 65mm hole will need to be cut into the bench, before the machine is installed.  This hole needs to be cut directly under the machine to allow for water waste, inlet water and the power lead (when power point is located under the bench) to pass through. Electrical power point: Needs to be located within 1 meter of