Pitcher Rinser Sink 400 x 180mm

Expanding the range of rinsers, the all new longer, slimmer rinser is here, giving you room to leave your spare jugs to drip dry after rinsing.

An essential addition to every cafe. Easily installed next to any coffee machine with no extra plumbing requirements, the Pitcher Rinser cleans your jugs and glasses between each use in a matter of seconds by issuing a blast of pressurised water, saving time, water and eliminating the need for milk jugs stacked up next to your machine. Manufactured by Disave, The Pitcher Rinsers are one of those products you’ll wonder what you did without!

** Its our recommendation that these items be in your physical possession before cutting into benchtops and work surfaces in case of minor variations in product specs.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Code: 04010011

    Additional information

    Weight2 kg
    Dimensions40 × 18 × 2.5 cm


    Installation Guide