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Mega Gold TK Brewer

Mega Gold brews straight into an elegant 2.5 litre serving station with tap and level indicator tube. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma for a long time.

The serving station fits into all possible environments and is quick and easy to handle.  Lift the serving station off the brewer and put it wherever you want to serve the coffee.  Simple and really neat!

Mega Gold is available with both manual and automatic water filling.  The automatic brewers with a water supply have electronic timers and a signal when the coffee is ready.  The brewing volume, 4-17 cups, is easy to adjust from the front of the machine.  One 2.5 litre serving station is included with both models.  Coffee brewers with automatic water refilling are provided with a connection hose for the water.

Key Features
  • Able to brew 2.5Ltr in < 8 minutes
  • Capacity to brew 19Ltr/hr
  • Manual water filling on both models.
  • Digital display (only available on automatic version)
    • Cup number settings (from 4 to 17 cups)
    • Alarm when coffee is ready
  • Filter paper included

Technical Specifications

Product CodeQ1014375
Power Requirements10Amp Single Phase
Motor power (w)220w
Width x Depth x Height (mm)206 x 410 x 655

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